Upham's Corner Health Center Pharmacy
surface area
Dorchester, MA
project Type

A carefully designed relocation of a health center pharmacy creates a public retail storefront and frees up space for much-needed services

Knowing they needed to expand pharmacy services to meet their client needs, Upham’s Corner Community Health Center approached Ebbrell Design to help convert their internal pharmacy dispensing counter to a public-facing retail outlet. Through the design of the new space –all while the center stayed occupied and operational - backfill areas were freed up and redesigned to house the center’s growing benefits group.

  • Transitioned internal pharmacy counter into a larger public store, allowing for expanded retail capacity, more private client-pharmacist interactions, and an expedited order filling process
  • Created secure separate access for staff versus customers to meet the new operational demands
  • Carved out much-needed equipment storage and pharmacy stock shelving
  • Maximized available vacated backfill space to meet new programming needs of benefits group

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