February 29, 2024
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Discover the latest innovations and inspirations in architecture and design with Ebbrell Architecture + Design's February Newsletter! Delve into our feature on the remarkable transformation of Lutronic's US HQ, where office and clinic spaces converge seamlessly in a stunning repositioning project. Unlock the secrets of engaging design with Lauren Foley's  insightful design blog, where she explores the profound impact of color and design in creating meaningful engagement in early childhood education. We also feature and look back at two tech/manufacturing projects for Regal Fabrics and our Cambridge Scientific incubator lab expansion in Watertown.

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February 2024



Lutronic’s US HQ transformed into a modern workplace and clinic

One big thing: Engineered an inclusive entrance redesign for this med aesthetics company by incorporating a ramp and reconfiguring a new vestibule to create a welcoming entry point

  • 🟰 The 18,000 s/f renovation balances functionality, aesthetics, and budgetary considerations
  • 🌿Added a two-story green wall as a focal point in the lobby and reception area
  • 🎨Identified a paint-only design schedule as a cost-conscious way to modernize the front façade of the building.