Cambridge Scientific Expansion
surface area
Watertown, MA
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Realizing the high demand for lab space, Cambridge Scientific sought out EAD’s expert team in converting adjacent available warehouse space to expand its lab offerings.

When Cambridge Scientific grew its offerings to include for-rent incubator lab space, they found an active start-up market with varied demands. Phase One of their Watertown lab fit-out focused on bench-space rental with shared facilities and equipment. The next step for the growing company: Turn to Ebbrell for help in designing adjacent lab space, including individual Biosafety Level 2 labs with shared amenities and office space

  • Added six more private 500-SF BL-2 furnished labs to their portfolio at 19 Coolidge Hill Road, each complete with a vented chemical fume hood and lab sink.
  • Defined space to add a third conference room, breakout collaboration areas, and a shared autoclave/dishwasher room.
  • Converted a storage area into a shared 20-personoffice zone with workstations, lockers, and break amenities.
  • Flushed out remaining first floor spaces to include two customizable fabrication spaces (2,000 SF and 2,400 SF).
  • Building repositioning efforts to reflect the warehouse’s new life as a vibrant life sciences hub include: Infill of exterior loading access zones with seamless panels and strategically placed glazing; delineation of new egress paths to accommodate multiple tenants; and the addition of accessible common area restrooms to meet the increased building occupancy.

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