October 25, 2021
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This month we highlight Rachel Molé's design insights into How Art Makes a Space including an interview with art consultant Suzi Hlavacek. The article features photos from our QuickSilva Law project and discusses the role of art in this law office interior renovation. In our project Fast Facts we revisit two of our community-based projects KiddieTime Educational Center and Fit Life. In our news section we feature our recent article for Hefring engineering.

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October 2021

Colorful room


How Art Makes a Space

By Rachel Molé

Not everyone who enters a space notices the flooring or furniture like designers do. But one thing most people notice is art.

Art adds color, movement, and dimension to otherwise blank walls. It can engage people in conversation and bring out people’s creativity and connectivity.

At a recent real estate law office renovation, we completely transformed the building’s dated interior and reconfigured the space to better meet the client’s needs. The first phase was to modify the layout and fit-out the space with new finishes, light fixtures, doors, and furniture. The space looked refreshed, bright, and modern, and the client was able to move in on time. To fully align the renovation with the client’s brand and further personalize the space, following this initial renovation phase we completed a second design phase to incorporate environmental graphics and artwork into the new office.

For the art, we reached out to Suzi Hlavacek an art consultant who spent nine years at Boston Art. To give you some insight into her process we’re sharing our conversation with Suzi so you can learn as we did.

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