January 31, 2022
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From a “summer slammer” at a small private school to a pioneering oceanographic R+D company’s headquarters, the projects Ebbrell Architecture + Design accomplished during 2021 rose above client expectations, despite challenging COVID restrictions and supply shortages.

The firm was able to expand its portfolio, and in response to the growing workload, two new employees came on board – Lauren Foley, NCIDQ, LEED GA, interior designer, and Michelle Murray, junior interior designer. We also celebrated when our colleague, Robin Willcox earned her Massachusetts architectural license and Miika Ebbrell added Maine and Vermont architectural licenses to her existing licenses to practice architecture in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

The variety of our 2021 projects tested our creativity in new and challenging ways. We welcomed opportunities to take on projects with new clients, including a dean’s suite at Northeastern University and a 70,000-sf multi-level corporate office headquarters with a new connecting monumental stair. Understanding that the pandemic forced many companies to revisit how they use space, we were able to pivot and present options to our clients that maximized the flexibility of the workplace to meet the demands of an evolving staffing structure.

Some of our design solutions in 2021 accentuated connections between the work environment and our clients’ brands and goals for broader recognition. For example, a feature custom light fixture for the entryway at Hefring Engineering replicated the ocean research company’s logo and it also bridged its inside R+D efforts with the charm of the Gloucester harbor situated right outside its front door. And a “day two” branding phase for a new law office fit-out put the finishing touches on the project to fully align the design with the office brand and culture.

We are very appreciative of our clients and the trust they placed in us, to bring their design dreams and visions to life. Here’s what a few had to say about our work:

Doug Fleener, QuickSilva CEO said the Ebbrell team, led by their interior designer Rachel Molé, created, “extremely invitings paces” for the QuickSilva staff, its community partners, and customers. “The design gave us lots of space and private closing rooms to meet covid guidelines, but more importantly it built-in wonderful features that will outlast these times,” Fleener said.

Shreya Dave, CEO of Via Separations, said, “I needed a firm that had start-up lab design experience and also brought a human touch. Ebbrell worked with us to determine our needs and conducted soft-focus groups to make sure they got it right from the start. It was really exciting to work with them.”

Freda Zifteh, Global Marketing Director, Nortek AS and Hefring Engineering said, “The Ebbrell team was so easy to work with. They were always on it and super responsive. Their focus was on the creative process and in the end that led to a bright, open, and collaborative environment. Everyone feels so good working here.”

Clearway School Administrator Mary Ryan said Jess Cargile and the whole Ebbrell team was “Pleasant, down to earth, and incredibly knowledgeable. I love them and recommend them highly.”

It’s just one month into the new year, but we’re continuing to push our design capabilities to new heights in 2022. Working with capable teams of engineers and knowledgeable contractors have helped us collaboratively navigate this ever-changing construction landscape, and for those partnerships we are extremely grateful. We always love hearing from new and existing clients about how we can best serve them as they continue to grow into the new year.