October 16, 2020
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Robin Willcox, Assoc. AIA

Why did you choose to pursue architecture as a career? 

I have wanted to be an architect since I was seven, when I was smitten with the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse at Disneyland.  I still have the pile of childhood sketches of treehouses, underwater houses, houseboats, playgrounds, magic gardens, and other whimsical places. 

The sense of whimsy has tempered over the years, but I still try to bring a sense of joy and of connection to nature to the places where we work or dwell - through building systems, materials, proportion, organization of space and haptic experience, light, and color. I also endeavor to integrate ideas of sustainability and accessibility within a solution to a client’s program needs.  

What defines your 15 minutes of fame?

Like Ariane ….  competitive sports! I was coxswain on my university women’s crew; in my freshman year our boat won the U.S. National Championships in collegiate and open fours.

What’s at the top of your bucket list?

I’ve always loved to travel - - to explore natural wonders, other cultures (the history, languages, buildings, gardens, people, and food!), so most of my bucket list is places yet to visit.  Morocco/Algeria, India, Finland, Bali, Japan, and a handful of places in the U.S. too are next on the list… 

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