May 10, 2021
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Jessica Cargile, NCIDQ, LEED AP

Ebbrell Architecture + Design is pleased to announce the election of interior designer Jessica Cargile, NCIDQ to the Board of Trustees of the Peabody Institute Library. Five candidates vied for three seats in a close race held on May 4th in Danvers MA.

With a strong background in public K-12 design including projects at Scituate Middle School, North Reading Middle/High School, Wilmington High School, and Gloucester Grade School as well as leading EAD projects for Pike School and Clearway School, Jessica’s work expertise reflects a deep connection to how well-designed environments support learning communities. This is a natural fit for her personal interest in the role a library plays as a focal point in town, and her candidacy was largely centered on supporting the framework needed to make the Danvers library function as the cornerstone of her community.

“Libraries assist us all in being a bigger part in the community and bond future residents with the past,” Jessica explains. “They allow us all to continue to grow while forging pride for where we came from.”

Some of the projects Jessica has worked on reflect how the functions of libraries are evolving over time. At Harvard Medical School Library, the design team she was part of incorporated their digital platforms and restacked the existing library to modernize it for today’s user. For the new Gates Middle School in Scituate, she helped to transform the concept behind a library into not one space, but several smaller “pockets” of space spread throughout the entire school.

From the moment she settled in town with her young family, Jessica felt the warmth Danvers had to offer, and she is now taking the opportunity to give back. In the role of Library Trustee, Jessica will be able to focus on her family and work while still devoting time to supporting her community by combining a personal passion with her library work expertise.