December 28, 2022
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In our final newsletter of 2022, we reflect on our work from the past year, and the fortune we have had to work on a number of workplace and headquarters projects, despite the global shift to remote and hybrid office culture, for companies such as TraceLink, Cometeer, and CoinMetrics. We are grateful to our clients and colleagues for making this past year a fulfilling and joyful one to work on so many interesting and important projects together.

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December 2022

Coin Metrics


2022 might go down as the Year of the HQ. The Ebbrell team was fortunate to create designs for several new corporate headquarters – all while these businesses were navigating the ever changing return to office scene.

Wilmington, MA-based TraceLink’s 70,000 square foot global corporate headquarters fosters employee engagement with design by incorporating flexible spaces that accommodate all work preferences. And Gloucester, MA-based manufacturer Cometeer’s design required frequent changes to accommodate a growing workforce, while meeting technical requirements for specialized, high-end coffee equipment.

Speaking of coffee, Journalist Earl Wilson said, “Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.” In nearly all the office fit-out projects we worked on, be they a full HQ or a new location for an existing business, the breakroom has been transformed from a place where employees occasionally bumped into each other while microwaving their 🍜 to comfortable cafés with workspaces suitable for solitary or group work. As well as the place for getting a great cup of ☕.

We are grateful for all our clients and the trust they put in us to create beautiful and functional workplaces for them. Our team is excited about the projects we’re wrapping up this year and the new ones we have in design for 2023.

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