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Tewksbury, MA
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Repurposing existing office space in conjunction with a rebranding effort launches a new chapter for an evolving engineering company.

A key targeted design move – selectively removing some, but not all, office walls – created a semi-open office plan that allows for both enhanced visibility and collaboration, while at the same time it retains some privacy between office “pods.” By strategically incorporating a color palette anchored by the client’s bright orange and blue pops of color, Ebbrell Architecture + Design transformed an existing traditional engineering office into an inviting and energized modern work environment.

  • Removed outside office walls and retained shared walls between offices to promote a more interactive office environment while respecting the need for separation of functions.
  • Accentuated repetitive design elements with a bright branded color scheme.
  • Integrated company rebranding graphics into overall design.
  • Maximized conference, small group, and informal meeting spaces to support a variety of collaboration methods, including areas for break-out groups and employee socialization (e.g. high-top community tables and a gaming area).

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